Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photo Day week 15 at the Oakland Raider's vs. Detroit Lions

When Patterson High School was offered the opportunity to attend an Oakland Raider game, meet the team's photographer Tony Gonzales, and photograph the pre-game warm ups from the sideline, the high school jumped at the idea and picked up 50 tickets. So a group of photo instructors, including myself, hopped on a charter bus for the week 15 game against the Detroit Lions along with 40 or so students, 9 from my photography after school program. After a lot of waiting and checkpoints, we were on the field of the Oakland Coliseum waiting to talk to the team's photographer. Getting to know the background and photographic interests of the Raider photographer Tony Gonzales was really interesting and helpful for the aspiring young photogrpher.

Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions, and afterwards got to take photos of the pre-game excitement.

Raiders' quarterback #3 Carson Palmer pulls back to throw a pass during the pre game warm ups.

Khalif Barnes gets the crowd going before the game.

Some interesting looking tail-gaters gathered in the parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum after the game.

One of my after school program photography students Austin Luckert, getting the pre-game war paint applied on the drive to Oakland.

Raiders' Wide Receiver Denarius Moore pulls in a pass during the pre-game warm ups.

Back in our seats, during the nailbiting 28-27 loss to the Lions. The Raiders were ahead the entire game, but had to lose it in the fourth quarter in typical Raiders' fashion.

Talking photography and showing students camera operation on the bus ride there.

Oakland Raiders' #21 Lito Sheppard runs down the sideline to high five fans and photographers alike, photo taken by student photographer Reily McNamara

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Jonathan Rodriguez said...

Awesome pictures, i can see myself haha I like your commentary on the usual raiders fashion of not keeping the lead to the end haha Thanks for the chance to be able to go to the Oakland Raiders game, I shall master my fear of heights some other day though haha