Thursday, December 29, 2011

NO 2011 YEAR IN PHOTOS story.

To all of the faithful followers of this blog and the year end photo review story, it is my sad, sad, response to inform you all that my 2,000 word story, normally slated to run in today's final newspaper of the year, was deemed unfit for publication by the newspaper's editor Jonathan Partridge.

His quick response to me was that it was "too political".

Apparently it "detracted" from the photos. I find that to be a completely false claim considering the text provided insight as to the inner-workings of a real, day to day photojournalist.

I felt that it included completely personal, behind the scenes accounts of what went into making the images of 2011, including the troubles experienced along the way. Unfortunately this world we live in isn't all puppy dogs and flowers, and my story definitely showed the REAL side of things that I've had to go through to bring the photos to you here in West Stanislaus.

So to those that wonder... you'll have to keep wondering, or just find me on the street if you really want to know.

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