Sunday, October 19, 2008

some extra Patterson Pirates photos

A couple Sundays ago the Patterson Pirates played the Stockton Aztecs during game three of a best of three series first round playoff matchup. The Pirates lost game 1, won game 2, and came really darn close to winning game 3. The next five photos were my selections for last Wednesday's 10-15-08 issue of the Irrigator, unfortunately due to space restrictions in the paper, none of them were used. I guess it just gives me the opportunity to post them here, including some of my other favorite Pirates' photos, some of them previously published, most of them weren't though. Enjoi!Patterson Pirates' Drew Barrett makes contact during a late game rally that would take the game into extra innings during Sunday's final best of three playoff game against the Stockton Aztecs.--Photo by Elias FunezPirates' shortstop Jerry Lawhorn fires a throw for the out at first.--photo by Elias FunezPirates' second base Tino Ramirez fires a throw to first in an attempted double play late during the Pirates' loss to the Aztecs.--Photo by Elias FunezPirates' pitcher James Pease readies to fire a pitch against the Stockton Aztecs.--photo by Elias FunezPatterson baseruner Tino Ramirez slides safely under the tag of the Aztecs second base man during the late game rally. I really like this photo. As the game went on, the low hanging sun back lit the cloud of dust that Tino made as he slid head first to second, you can't really see him, but he's there. Man I'd hate to be the ref making the call! 10-05-08--Pirates' first baseman Juan Garza just misses making the catch and the successful pick of a Predator base runner during a game October 5th.--Photo by Elias Funez10-05-08--After getting caught in a pickle, Patterson's #20 Beto Rodriguez makes it back to third base before the tag.--Photo by Elias Funez
09-21-08--Patterson baserunner Mark Gonzalez steers clear of a nearby play on his way to second base during a game against the Stoctkon Giants held at Felipe Garza Memorial Park in Patterson--Photo by Elias Funez
09-07-08--Patterson's #7 Juan Garza gets caught in a pickle as he hesistates running home. The Club Mexico catcher ended up over throwing a ball to third base which allowed tying run Jose Garza an uncontested home plate.--Photo by Elias Funez
08-10-08--Patterson Pirates' Tino Ramirez hits a double that brings in team mate Mark Gonzalez to put the Pirates on the board 1-0 after 5 innings.--photo by Elias Funez
09-07-08--Pirates center fielder Rafa Arroyo catches the final out of the game sealing off their 9-7 win over Club Mexico Sunday in Stockton.--Photo by Elias Funez
09-07-08--Patterson's Rudy Lozano prepares to make a sacrifice bunt during a Sunday game against Club Mexico of Stockton.--photo by Elias Funez
10-05-08--Pirates' center fielder Rafa Arroyo runs in to make an out during the 5th inning of a game against the Stockton Predators.--Photo by Elias Funez
09-21-08--Patterson's #27 Josh Hamm fires a pitch during Sunday's 13-3 win over the Stockton Giants.--Photo by Elias Funez
08-10-08--Pirates 1st base Jose Garza makes the out at first.--Photo by Elias Funez
08-10-08--Patterson base runner Jose Garza is tagged out on an attempted triple by Hurricanes third baseman Matt Berger.--photo by Elias Funez
Beto Rodriguez gets hit by an errant pitch early in the season.
A Stockton Aztecs player picks up a broken Pirates' bat. This year the Pirates joined the Cal-Mex baseball league out of Stockton, which required the use of wooden bats.Tino Ramirez goes in for a bunt.Jose Garza is tagged out before making to third base during a game earlier in the season.Pirates' catcher Rudy Lozano comes into contact with a sliding Aztecs baserunner at home.Pirates' pitcher Drew Barrett fires off a pitch (The umpire is longtime Patterson resident Harley Parson).Drew Barrett readies to hit a ball.Tino makes the tag at second base.James Pease had a really good season on the mound, striking out many players along the way.Catcher Jose Garza makes the tag at home plate during a game early in the Pirates' season.

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