Friday, May 7, 2010

fire in the hills

It's fire season again in Patterson.A vehicle accident along southbound I-5 near the Patterson exit sparked a blaze that was fanned by evening winds into the hills.
I first heard and saw emergency response vehicles driving to the vehicle accident while I was photographing a baseball game. When I saw the smoke I figured it was time to leave the game and get to the hills.

Encroaching flames were visible from Del Puerto Canyon road.

Flames and smoke visible from Sperry ave.

Fire Chief Kinnear assessing the flames and communicating via radio to helicopters, bulldozers, and fire trucks from Jeff Arambel's hill top orchard.

Traffic backed up to near the Westley exit.
Scattered remnants of the wreck that started the blaze photographed the next morning.
A few charred peach trees, but all in all I think the trees will make a full recovery and maybe receive some added nutrients from the black ashes of the fire.
After photographing the fire, it was back to the high school and still time for the second half of a contentious girl's soccer match against Livingston.

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