Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amgen Stage 3 finish in Modesto

I happened to be at the Stanislaus County Library in downtown Modesto Tuesday, working on a research paper for my English class on the Miumne and Hoyumne Yokuts Indians who used to live along the West Side of Stanislaus County until about 1809, when the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race came rolling by.They rode by very fast making two laps around downtown Modesto before crossing the finish line. This year Stage 3 started in San Jose, and much to the delight of a few Del Puerto Canyon residents, avoided traversing Mt. Hamilton and the Diablo Range before entering Modesto.

Even though the canyon and Patterson residents didn't get to see the race this year, so far 875,000 other folks have shown up to get a glimpse of the racers and Tour De France legend Lance Armstrong as he pedals through his comeback year.

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